How to Make an Offer for Rent

Things You'll Need

  • References

  • Income letter

Negotiating your rent can save you money.

In tight markets, where there is a shortage of rental properties and several people vying for the same property, the way that you make your offer can affect whether or not you get the property. In markets where there is a surplus of rental property, you will have more leeway for negotiating with your landlord for reductions in your rent or extras, such as new carpet.


Step 1

Find out what other people are paying for rent in the area, or in the building. You can do this using websites such as Rentometer, by asking local rental agents or by talking to neighborhood residents. If people in similar properties in the area are paying less than what the landlord is asking for, you may want to try offering less than the asking price.


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Step 2

Do not hesitate once you have found the perfect property; make your offer immediately.

Step 3

Have all of your paperwork ready. This should include a list of your references and a letter from your employer stating your income.


Step 4

Make a long-term offer. For example, offer to rent the property for one or two years. Many landlords prefer longer-term tenants, as it means the property is less likely to be empty on a frequent basis.

Step 5

Offer to move into the property quickly. The landlord may be more likely to rent to you, if it means the property will be occupied quickly.



Step 6

Be flexible. Decide how much rent you are really willing to pay and be prepared to respond to a counteroffer.

Step 7

Offer to do some work around the property, such as repainting the walls or performing some basic maintenance. The landlord may appreciate the chance to save some money; in a very competitive market, this could give you an edge.


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