How to Find an Apartment Without a Credit Check in Utah

If you have bad credit or some negative information on your credit report, you can have difficulty renting an apartment in Utah. When you find an apartment that you want to rent, especially if it is in a large apartment complex, you are usually required to fill out an application and consent to a credit check. While finding an apartment without a credit check in Utah can be difficult, it can be done.


Step 1

Look for an apartment sublet that does not require a credit check. With a sublet, the person offering the apartment is usually the person who is named on the lease, and you pay your rent to that person. Since you are technically renting from someone who is the legal renter, there are usually no credit checks. In Utah, you can find sublets on sites such as the Utah Craigslist and Sometimes, you can even find apartments with no credit checks on the Hot Pads website. See the Resource section.


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Step 2

Browse the local newspaper classified ads for an apartment for rent by a private owner. Some local papers include The Salt Lake Tribune, Deseret News, Daily Herald, Salt Lake City Weekly, Standard-Examiner and Park Record. Private owners typically rely on past rental references instead of pulling credit reports. Or if you have three to six months of rent that you can pay up front, you can offer than in lieu of a credit check.


Step 3

Use Utah Metro Roommates,, Craigslist and the local newspapers to find someone looking for a roommate in an apartment. For instance, you may find someone in a two-bedroom apartment who wants a person to take the other bedroom. Not only will you save money, but you will be able to get the room without a credit check. Roommates typically only ask for a deposit. See Resource section.


Step 4

Offer your services in exchange for an apartment or a break on the apartment price. This can help you avoid a credit check for the apartment. Services you can offer include painting, maintenance, remodeling, lawn work or cleaning.

Step 5

Move into an apartment alternative, such as InTown Suites. Such accommodations require no credit check or lease and offer furnished apartments at weekly rates. InTown Suites has one Utah location as of January 2011 in Salt Lake City.


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