Home Depot Rental Tools: How to Rent Tools at The Home Depot

The Home Depot has a large selection of tools to accommodate most carpenters, plumbers, electricians and weekend warriors. Tools, lumber and materials to help complete your tasks are available at The Home Depot. Renting tools from The Home Depot may save you money on equipment costs. Your rental of equipment, for use on a limited or as needed basis could reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. The Home Depot rents tools by the day, hour, week and month.


Step 1

Visit the Home Depot website to find the tools that you want to rent.

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Step 2

Find the "Services" tab located at the top of the page. Choose "Rental" from the drop-down menu.


Step 3

Make a selection for "Professional Contractor" or "Do-It-Yourselfer."

Step 4

View tools online that are rented by The Home Depot. The Home Depot rents a variety of tools for commercial and residential use. Choose from equipment such as carpet cleaners, pressure washers or tile saws.


Step 5

Locate a Home Depot store in your area. Enter your ZIP code where indicated and select "Search" to get a list of Home Depot stores that are closest to you.


Step 6

Call or visit Home Depot stores in your area to inquire about tool rental availability, reservations, prices and procedures.


Step 7

Ask about damage waivers. The Home Depot provides insurance for tools that could become damaged or broken. Acceptance of insurance or waivers may limit your liability if a tool that you rented requires replacement.

Step 8

Inquire about safety procedures. Ensure that you are prepared to operate safely by requesting an operations manual for the item that you are renting. Ask a Home Depot associate about the recommended safety items for the equipment that you are renting, such as gloves, hard hat, glasses, work boots, dust mask or earplugs.


You will need identification and a form of payment for tool rental, such as your driver’s license and a credit card or debit card. Get instructions online for home repairs. The Home Depot provides simple tutorials for some basic home projects.

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