How to Get a Coin Out of a Vending Machine

Losing a coin in a vending machine can be annoying.

Whether you've forgotten your lunch or you need a quick snack, vending machines are a convenient and cheap option to get food on the go. For a dollar or two you can get candy, snacks and sodas. Many vending machines accept both bills and coins. However, because most people prefer to use coins, you risk losing your change if the machine isn't working properly.


Step 1

Press the Change button. Most vending machines have a Change button, which may also be labeled Refund and take the form of a button, a latch or a bolt. This button is designed for cases in which the machine is unable to vend your product. If the machine doesn't immediately refund your money, press it again. Sometimes the button can stick and take multiple attempts to refund the money.


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Step 2

Examine the coin slot. If you can see your coin, take out your car keys, a paper clip or other small, sturdy objects. Take the longest key or unwind the paper clip.

Step 3

Move the object around. Depending on where you coin is, you can either attempt to push it through the slot or to hook it and maneuver it out.


Step 4

Use super glue. If your coin is still stuck, take super glue and a long but thick strip of paper. Cover the end of the paper with glue and put it in the slot; follow it with your key or paper clip from the previous step. Press the glued side of the paper to the coin using the metal instrument between 30 seconds to a minute. Slowly, take out your object, then follow it by taking out the paper, which will have your coin attached to it.


Things You'll Need

  • Coin

  • Key

  • Paper clip

  • Paper

  • Super glue

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