How to Cancel a Cashier's Check

You can't cancel a cashier's check, but you can file a claim for reimbursement.
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A cashier's check is a negotiable instrument guaranteed by a financial institution. Since the funds are backed by a bank, a cashier's check is more secure than a personal check. Unlike personal checks, individuals can't place a "stop payment" on a cashier's check. There's little recourse if you change your mind about a cashier's check, but you may be able to get reimbursement in some situations.


Lost, Stolen and Destroyed Cashier's Checks

The Uniform Commercial Code states that individuals are entitled to a refund for a lost, stolen or destroyed cashier's check. In general, customers must wait at least 90 days after the check was issued to request a refund. If no one presents the cashier's check within the first 90 days, file a "declaration of loss" claim with your bank to obtain reimbursement.