Who Is Responsible for Fraudulent Withdrawals From a Checking Account?

When someone fraudulently withdraws money from your bank account you are not responsible for the missing money in some cases. There are certain things you will need to do to recover you money.


According to the FTC, if you report a fraudulent withdrawal within two business days, your liability will only be $50. If you report the withdrawal after two business days, but within 60 days after the statement with the charges is issued, you could be liable for $500.


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Contact your bank as soon as possible. They will have you fill out a claim form, which will include a place for you to describe what happened. The bank will investigate and refund your money.



The bank may ask you to close out your bank account and open another account. You will have a different account number. If you have any payments taken out automatically or automatic deposits, contact those institutions with new bank information.



There are certain federal laws in place designed to protect customers from various fraudulent transactions. One such such is the electronic funds transfer acts. Banks have to follow these rules and regulations when it comes to fraudulent charges.



When you open your bank account, the bank will give you documentation that covers the terms and agreements for fraudulent transactions and withdrawals. This information will outline your liabilities, as well as the bank's.