How Much Money Do Interior Designers Make Per Year?

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Interior design is an artistic field that involves aspects of architecture. Interior designers use lighting, furniture, color and space to increase the function and aesthetic appeal of a building. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that this industry is growing faster than average -- it reports that the field will grow by 19 percent through 2018. Salary information about interior design is useful in solidifying a decision to enter the profession.


Average and Median Salaries

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The average annual salary for interior designers stood at $51,990, about $24.99 per hour in 2009, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The median salary was $46,180, approximately $22.20 per hour, for that year.


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Earnings for interior designers increase with experience. Starting interior designers with less than a year of experience make between $29,658 and $39,785. By the time an interior designer reaches 20 or more years of experience, their wages increase to $40,309 to $62,839, as of 2010.



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Interior designers can expect a yearly bonus in addition to their annual salary. Bonus amounts range from $517 to $2,949, according to the Payscale website. Those with 20 years or more experience make the highest bonuses, receiving $2,097. Interestingly, the next highest bonus is for those with less than one year experience. These interior designers get bonuses of about $2,000. Between five and 19 years, bonuses are between $1,513 and $1,536. The lowest bonuses fall to interior designers with one and four years of experience. These bonuses are about $1,019, as of 2010.



Employment Area

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Average yearly interior design salaries differ according to where the interior designer holds employment. Those working in franchises make the least, earning between $28,500 and $44,148, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS. Those who work in hospitals earn the second highest wages at $42,500 to $65,000. The BLS points out that there is increased demand in this area because of the growing elderly population. Interior designers who are self-employed have the greatest earning potential, bringing home up to $70,391. However, self-employment also is riskier and has the largest salary range of anywhere between $34,235 to $70,391, as of 2010.



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Interior designers may hold certification from different agencies; however, the most recognized is the National Council for Interior Design Qualification, NCIDQ. Those who are NCIDQ certified earn the most compared to those with other interior design certifications.


The interior design field is 92 percent female and eight percent male. Nevertheless, males make more than females. Females earn $32,739 to $46,222, while males earn $35,905 to $55,422, as of 2010.



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