How to Cancel a Money Order

Money orders are financial instruments that have a value equal to the cash paid for the document. As a result, canceling a money order requires that the instrument be returned to the issuer with a request for refund. Some establishments will not refund the face value without the original receipt, which proves you purchased the money order. In order to cancel a money order, you must first locate the original instrument and collect the required documents.

Money orders have a value equal to the cash paid for the instrument.

Get the original money order from the recipient, along with the receipt.

Go to the establishment from which you purchased the money order and request a money order refund form, if required.

Complete the form in its entirety and sign the document. You may need to include the serial number and money order amount.

Hand the documents to the sales representative along with your identification, if required. Most establishments require a nominal fee to refund the money order.