How to Buy Harley Davidson Stock

Harley-Davidson does not sell stock directly to individuals.

Harley-Davidson was founded in 1903 and has certainly become one of those iconic brands of the motorbike scene, producing many sought after heavyweight bikes and other merchandise. Harley-Davidson Inc. does not sell stock directly to individuals. As a result, it is necessary to go through a third party, such as a registered stock broker, to make your desired purchase.


Step 1

Contact a stock broker. A list of stock brokers, working in the United States, is available in the resources section of this article. The stock broker will act as a middleman and purchase the Harley-Davidson stock on your behalf, which is necessary to carry out the transaction.

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Step 2

Study the stock information of the company before instructing your broker how much Harley-Davidson stock you would like to purchase. The page listed in the reference section will give you information regarding the current share price of Harley-Davidson and allow you to make an educated judgment on how much stock to buy through your broker.


Step 3

Instruct your broker to make the purchase of Harley-Davidson stock on your behalf. They will contact Harley-Davidson, Inc. and buy the amount of stock you have specified.


Step 4

Request a paper confirmation of your stock purchase by requesting a "Direct Registration Transaction Request Form" from Computershare by calling 866-360-5339. Fill in the needed information and return it. You will receive a paper confirmation once the form is received and reviewed. This confirmation will serve as a proof of purchase and, if you wish, a memento of your first purchase of this iconic company's stock.


Do not simply use your broker as a middleman. Ask their opinion and seek their advice; it is their job to be experts in this field and you may as well get value for your money and use their expertise fully.



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