How to Buy Shares of Nintendo

Nintendo is a well-known electronics company, with a string technological successes, mainly with video games. With the advent of the Wii game console and its huge popularity, many people have grown interested in investing in shares of the company. Nintendo is a Japan-based company. There are a number of options available for buying shares of Nintendo.


Step 1

Locate a brokerage company that is a licensed member of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Generally, the larger a brokerage is, the more likely it is that they will be affiliated with the major world stock exchanges.

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Step 2

Open a trading account with the firm and deposit funds into your trading account. Make sure your understand the risks associated with investing.


Step 3

Place an order to buy shares of Nintendo. Its symbol is NTDOY. Your stock broker will forward this information to a member of the Tokyo Stock Exchange to complete the transaction. There may be a waiting period for the request, depending on your time zone.



Remember that you need to account for the difference in time zone between Japan and your country. The value of the stock may vary between the time that you request a purchase and the time that you receive the stock into your account.

Also, pay close attention to currency exchange rates. You might want to invest when your currency is at its strongest.



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