What Things Do Pawn Shops Pay the Most Money For?

Pawn shops will buy a wide array of items. In short, most shop owners will buy anything you're willing to risk parting with as long as the owner thinks it can sell. There are, however, a few types of items that tend to move faster than others. Those are the items shops will pay the most dollars for since they'll also sell for the most money.


Electronics typically sell very quickly at pawn shops. According to TitleMax, a pawn and lending service, pawnbrokers will offer top dollar for your favorite video game system, computer, printer or gadget. Flat panel televisions are among the top sellers, but condition does matter. Many pawn shops will only accept undamaged flat panel televisions made in the last two years, according to NBC News.


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You may be able to get significantly more for electronic items in the local classifieds or in an online auction, according to the valuation website Flipsy.

Jewelry and Precious Metals

According to a 2013 article on the pawn industry website Pawn Nerd, jewelry is the top item that people buy at pawnshops. Jewelry appeals to pawnbrokers because there's a high turnover rate and they produce a considerable profit margin. You can get even more for your jewelry if it contains a gemstone or diamonds.



Get several quotes before selling your gold, silver or other precious items. Jewelry stores may make a higher offer than a pawn shop, according to the Seattle Times, and businesses that deal specifically in buying and selling gold may offer even more. Getting multiple offers will also help you avoid scams in which dealers offer lowball prices.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments command very high selling prices in almost any retail establishment. Pawn shops are no exception, according to Pawn Nerd, and most will offer top dollar for instruments. Electric and acoustic guitars are among the most popular items, according to TitleMax, but brass instruments like trumpets, trombones and horns get the most run because they contain valuable metal.



Power and Hand Tools

Tools are very popular at pawn shops, according to NBC News. Contractors and builders frequently sell tools to pawn shops, and DIY homeowners, mechanics and other contractors frequently buy them. Your broker may also make high offers for basic tools like high-quality wrenches and socket sets.


Modern and Classic Cars

Not all shops deal in motor vehicles, but those that do will accept your car, either in pawn or in an outright sale. Pawn shops will offer at least $1,000 for your good condition, late model car, according to the Seattle Times, and significantly more if your vehicle is a classic or high-end luxury car.



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