How to Cash a Check at the Post Office

Money orders are the best way to get cash when at the post office.

Cashing a check—a personal one or from wages—is not possible at a postal station. If you're at a post office and in need of cash immediately or you do not have a bank account, you can use the check to purchase a money order, then convert that into cash. Money orders are sold at the post office and must be for the exact amount of money that the check is worth.


Step 1

Purchase a money order using the check you wish to cash at your local post office. To find a post office near you, go to, the United States Postal Office website, click "Locate a Post Office" and type in your area code. Or call 800-275-8777.

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Step 2

If you have purchased the money order in the name of a company or organization, you must have some form of identification proving that you are a representative of that company or organization. Also, if the money order is made out to two people, such as "Tom and Laura," both parties must be present with identification.


Step 3

Show identification to the teller or employee helping you and sign the money order. Those unable to sign their name should bring a witness when they mark the money order.


It is safer and more reliable to put your money in a bank. If at all possible, set up a bank account to keep deposited money from your checks. There it will be insured and you will earn interest.

Things You'll Need

  • A check

  • A government-issued or state-issued state identification


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