How to Access My IRS File Online

How to Access My IRS File Online
You can access a tax file on line if you submit online returns.

Free File and Refund Status

Go to the "Refund Status" page of the IRS website (see Resources). The "Refund Status" page allows taxpayers who used either the Free File or efile service to check status. Those who completed their forms through the Free File system on the IRS web page can also view the submitted forms through the IRS "Refund Status" page.

Enter the identifying information requested on the "Refund Status" screen. You must enter your Social Security number, select the filing status for your return, such as "Individual" or "Head of Household," and type in your exact refund amount to get into the system.

View the submitted tax return by clicking "View Return." If the tax return was rejected for any reason, you have the option of editing the return and submitting it again. If the return was accepted, it can no longer be edited.


Go to the efile website (see Resources). Click the "User Sign-In" link from the main page of efile to get to the log-in screen. When the sign-in menu appears, choose the "Sign back in" option to sign-in for the last tax year.

Review the status of your return on the first page that comes up. The efile page shows your return status as "Pending" if the return hasn't been reviewed, "Accepted" if the return has been reviewed and is set to pay out, or "Rejected" if the return has been reviewed and denied.

Open your tax return on the screen by clicking the "Open My Return" option. If the return has been accepted, you can view the return. If the return has been rejected, fix the return and resubmit it through the efile system.