How to Put a Stop Payment at Chase Bank

How to Put a Stop Payment at Chase Bank
A close-up of the window of a Chase bank branch.

Creating the Stop Payment

At the bank or by telephone, ask to speak with a customer service representative to arrange the stop payment. Online, click on the Customer Center tab at Chase Online and then “Stop payment on a check.” Enter the requested information. At minimum you will need the account number, the check number and the reason for the stop payment.

Additional Information

Both personal and business accounts have a one-year limit on how long the stop order is effective. While the stop orders can be renewed, an additional fee will be charged for a personal account. If the stop order is given at a branch, retain a copy of any completed paperwork. If done over the telephone, follow up with instructions in writing or the order will lapse after two weeks. Monitor the checking account to confirm that the bank has not cashed the check.