How to Put a Stop Payment at Chase Bank

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Whether you've scheduled an online payment or mailed a paper check, there may come a time or two where you need to stop the payment you initiated before it is successfully completed. Perhaps you've discovered that you put the wrong information on a check or you've received notification that the check never reached its intended destination. The stop payment feature also works to prevent fraud in the event that a check you wrote has been stolen.


Know About Fees First

If you bank with Chase and want to stop a payment in person, the fee is about $30. Using Chase's online or automated phone system to make the stop payment will save you some money, as the fee is $25 using this method. Fees are waived for certain customers.


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Contact Your Local Chase Bank

Chase customers are welcome to either call or visit their local branch for assistance with stopping a payment. The teller will need your name, account number, and the check number that you want to put a stop payment on. Some tellers will also make a note as to the reason you're asking for the stop payment.


Use the Automated Phone System

Using Chase's automated phone system is a cinch if you prefer to go that route. Simply call 800-935-9935 to use the system in English or 877-312-4273 for Spanish-language instructions.


Press 1 for account information and then 1 again for checking accounts. Press 6 to place a stop payment on a check. Continue to follow the prompts to enter your account number and the number of the check in question.

Use Chase's Online Portal

If you have access to a computer or mobile device, log in to your account to request the stop payment from there. First, select the account that will have the payment you want to stop. Next, from the Things You Can Do menu, choose Stop Payment on a Check. From there you can add or cancel a stop payment request.



Verify the action and then wait for a confirmation number to pop up. Write down this confirmation number in a safe place until you're sure the transaction has been halted.

Visit Chase Commercial Online

Business customers will need to log in to their Chase Commercial online accounts and select Stop Payment on a Check from the Customer Center tab. From there, click on the associated account, enter the check number and list the reason for stopping payment. On the next screen you'll have the opportunity to verify your information and collect the confirmation number.

You can check back at any time by visiting the Secure Message Center to see the status of your stop payment request.



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