How to Cash Checks Through EFT

Employers provide a paper or electronic confirmation of a successful direct deposit.

Between the automated teller machine and the check into cash machines, gaining quick and easy access to money continues to grow in efficiency. However there are other avenues of converting a paycheck into accessible funds. According to the U.S. Financial Management Service, it only costs 10 cents to process an electronic funds transfer (EFT), as opposed to $1.03 for paper checks. An EFT is an online check that is transferred automatically to a designated individual's bank account and is often called a "direct deposit".


Step 1

Access the one or more bank accounts that you chose for the EFT process. This can be accomplished through an online banking system or with a bank teller directly.

Step 2

Write down both the bank account number and routing number for each account that you want to be accessed directly by your employer.

Step 3

Call your employer and request a transfer of payments through the direct deposit system. A Direct Deposit Enrollment Form is issued to you via person, mail or fax.

Paperwork Submission

Step 1

Fill out and complete the Direct Deposit Enrollment Form provided by your employer.

Step 2

Write "VOID" in big, capitalized letters with a pen across a blank check.

Step 3

Carefully remove the check with "VOID" written on it from the checkbook. Staple the check to the completed enrollment.

Step 4

Submit the completed paperwork to your employer.


Employers will utilize the bank account information to conduct a test run with no dollar amounts to ensure the EFT works properly.

EFT or direct deposit authorization can be made with one or more accounts.

Financial concerns or changes are normally conducted by a human resources official.


Account verification is necessary for an EFT to be processed. If an individual does not possess a checkbook, then proper documentation can be obtained from the bank.

Things You'll Need

  • Bank account number(s)

  • Bank routing number(s)

  • Checkbook

  • Employer contact information

  • Direct Deposit Enrollment Form