How to Cancel a Debit Card Payment

Don't cut your card up: just cancel pre-authorized debit card payments with the company.

If you use your debit card to make a payment, you know the payment cannot be canceled after the transaction has been authorized. The amount is instantly deducted from your checking account, and the bank must make the payment. However if you use your card for regular payments, such as a utility bill, registered with the company to take automatic payments, these debit card payments can be canceled.


Step 1

Mail a letter to the company three or more business days before the payment is due to be debited to cancel a debit card payment.

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Step 2

Provide your name, address and phone number. Tell then clearly what the payment‘s for and the amount. Tell the company you want to cancel future debit card payments and to remove your debit card details immediately. Request written confirmation. Use secure mail to ensure it is delivered in time.



Step 3

Call the company to say that you have mailed a letter to cancel debit card payments. Obtain confirmation that your request has been dealt with and your debit card payments canceled. Get a cancellation number for your records.


Check the terms and conditions that apply to your pre-authorization agreement. You may be required to give 14 days’ notice. Check your debit card statement regularly. Report misuse to your bank immediately. Cancel your card.


You cannot cancel a debit card payment simply because you have changed your mind. Once authorized, your only option is to contact the company that debited your card: unless the transaction was fraudulent.



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