How to Cancel a Target Credit Card

How to Cancel a Target Credit Card
Cancel a Target credit card only if it has a zero balance.

Step 1

Pay off the credit card's balance in full so that your account shows a zero balance. If you attempt to close the credit card account with a balance, you may incur a higher interest rate on your remaining balance.

Step 2

Locate Target's credit card customer service number either on the back of the card itself or on a monthly statement. Call this number to speak with a customer service representative.

Step 3

Ask for your account balance before you tell the account representative the purpose of your call. After confirming your zero balance, tell the representative you wish to cancel your Target credit card.

Step 4

Expect the representative to offer you incentives to keep your account. If you truly wish to cancel your account, stand firm and resist these incentives to continue the cancellation process.

Step 5

Ask for the customer representative's name and any other identifying information. Write this down to keep a record of your conversation along with the date and time. Ask for a mailing address so that you can back up your verbal cancellation request with a written one.

Step 6

Write a letter to the Target Company to reiterate your desire to cancel the account. The letter will serve as another means of canceling the account in the event that a mistake occurs from your verbal directive.