How to Cancel an American Express Card

How to Cancel an American Express Card
American Express offers members rewards that can be used for travel discounts.

Cancellation Methods

Call Amercian Express at the number on the back of your card or 1-800-528-4800. You also can request cancellation in writing at the address listed on your credit card agreement or statement. Ask the customer service representative to send written confirmation of your cancellation. To follow up, get a free credit report from to verify that the account is closed.

Use or Lose Perks

You may be able to keep reward points if you have another American Express rewards card linked to the one you cancel. If you close all reward accounts, American Express gives you 30 days to use your remaining points so long as you keep at least one American Express account open. However, you immediately lose all your points if you close all of your American Express accounts.

Annual Fees

If your account carries an annual fee, you'll be charged on the anniversary of your enrollment. American Express treats the annual fee as nonrefundable, which means you must pay it once it's on your bill -- even if you later cancel the account. Of course, the fee won't be assessed again after you cease your membership.