Difference Between a Class D & Class E Florida Driver's License

Florida eliminated class D licenses in 2005.
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Class E is the only remaining non-commercial driver's license in Florida. Before 2005, the state had two classes of non-commercial licenses: class D and class E. A class E license enables its holder to drive vehicles with a gross weight of less than 26,001 pounds, including 15-passenger vans, recreational vehicles and small trucks.


Non-Commercial Driver's Licenses

A highway safety law passed in 2005 eliminated class D licenses in Florida. Originally, the class D license was intended for commercial drivers exempt from commercial licenses. Also known as the chauffeur's license, this class included drivers of emergency vehicles and farmers transporting products or equipment within 150 miles of their farms.

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When Florida eliminated class D, 20 examination questions previously asked only of class D applicants were added to the class E exam. The vehicle weight allowed for class E license holders was expanded to include class D.




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