How to Contact Commonwealth Life Insurance Company

The Commonwealth Life Insurance Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., a financial services company. The Commonwealth Life Insurance Company maintains insurance products from several acquired insurance and annuity companies. With an overall rating of excellent through insurance rating-companies AM Best and Standard and Poor's, Commonwealth is considered a financially solvent and strong insurance company. Getting information on your policy requires contacting the right department.


Determine what customer service department you need to contact. Commonwealth has five insurance company names serviced under the Commonwealth umbrella: Commonwealth (formerly Allmerica Financial), First Allmerica, Kemper Investors, Fidelity Mutual and Transamerica. Your policy should state what company is directly servicing you.

Go to the Commonwealth Annuity website and select the "Search Product Prefix" to ensure you are looking in the right area. Find the name of your insurance product.

Return to the contact menu and select "Contact Info" for the company servicing your insurance product. A phone number, website and address will appear.

Call the number and request the information you need.