Checklist for Moving Out of State

Packing should begin well in advance of the move.

Moving out of state is filled with potential complications for even the most organized of movers. Fortunately, those pitfalls can be substantially reduced by being prepared well in advance of moving day. Packing is only the tip of the moving iceberg when it comes to relocating to a new state, but out of state movers can prepare for the move by being organized, flexible and knowledgeable.

8 Weeks

At eight weeks until moving day, it's important to begin preparing for the move by getting organized. Think about what will be kept and what will be donated or tossed out. Knowing what will be moved is key to beginning a smooth transition from one state to the next. Gather moving materials, such as boxes, newspaper and packing tape and begin packing nonessentials that will be moved.

6 Weeks

All final moving arrangements should be made at least six weeks before moving day. Contract a moving company, making travel arrangements for family members, and finalize the details of the new home. This is essential when moving out of state because no mover wants to be trapped on the road from one place to the next without options. Keep packing.

4 Weeks

Contact friends, family and business associates with new contact information. With only one month left to go, make sure everyone knows how to find you in your new location. Apply for a change of address with the post office and call utilities to schedule turn on and turn off dates for both old and new locations. Contact subscriptions, creditors, banks, doctors and local government agencies with your new contact information and dates of availability.

2 Weeks

Make all final preparations and assess preparedness to move. This is the point at which all last minute changes might still be made, including changing moving dates with contracted movers and real estate agents. Make arrangements to move cars and pets, if not driving to your new destination. Finish packing all absolute nonessentials, throw away perishables and cleaning supplies that will not make the move, and disassemble computers and other electronics for the move.

1 Week

With one week to go, everything should be packed in both moving boxes, suitcases and cars. Never save all the packing until the last minute! Check to be sure all boxes are labeled appropriates, including fragile labels where appropriate. Check in with real estate agents, moving companies and utility companies to double check appointed dates. Make last minute travel changes and be sure to transfer any prescription medications to a pharmacy in the new city. Start cleaning the space being moved out of, or hire a cleaning company to do so after the move.

Moving Day

Pack moving vans, or oversee efforts by hired movers. Do last minute cleaning or oversee efforts by cleaning companies hired to do the job. Set out for the new destination in a timely manner and arrive at the new destination on time to get keys, meet utility companies and clean the new home before moving in. Check in with movers and keep tabs on where your belongings are and when they will arrive.

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