Cheap Options for Siding

Learn about cheap options for siding.

Siding refers to the barrier which is installed to protect buildings from the impact of weather elements. Several siding options are available, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Sidings are made from materials such as masonry, wood, plastic, vinyl and metal. Application of each depends on the homeowner's appearance and budget requirements, as well as the location's climate. Since vinyl siding has a wide selection of designs and models, you can spend quite less on vinyl compared to any other material. After vinyl, metal siding is the next cheapest siding, followed by wood siding.

Vinyl or Plastic

Aside from sidings which resemble cedar boards, companies that manufacture vinyl or plastic siding offer products with more decorative details, such as trims that looks like fish scale shingles or depicting effects of historic wood and clapboard siding. Vinyl sidings are more innovative than ever. Seamless vinyl is also available. And with vinyl or plastic siding, you can enjoy the benefits of siding that resists wind assaults and won't decay, flake, scratch, blister or dent. A downside to vinyl siding, however, is that it tends to become brittle in extremely cold weather.

Plastic siding is often used to mimic the look of wood shingles or clapboard. PVC and vinyl are the most commonly used materials in plastic cladding because of their affordability, durability and easy installation.

Metal Siding

Aluminum and steel siding are available in a wide selection of pre-finished colors come in lap and vertical styles. Most brands offer textures and profiles that resemble wood. Metal sidings are also wind and dent resistant and only require minimal maintenance.

Wood and Hardboard

Wood sidings are made up of little bits of wood that are combined together using special resins and then treated with fungus insecticides and repellents. These products can usually resist mildew, moisture and termites better than actual wood. Wood sidings come in both vertical and lap styles and are simple to install. Engineered wood can stand up to the harsh effects of the sun as well as extreme weather conditions, exposure to chemicals and abrasion. A favorite wood cladding option is wood shingles. Wood claddings or shingles are very versatile, and you can paint them any color. Hardboard is another inexpensive product. It is the top product of engineered wood and is composed of wood fibers that are pressed and bonded together.