Filing Amended Gift Tax Return

An amended return offers new information or corrects wrong information.
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If you gave a gift above an amount established by the Internal Revenue Service -- $14,000 in 2014 – to someone other to your spouse, you must file IRS form 709, United States Gift (and Generation Skipping Transfer) Tax Return. If you need to report new information after you file the original return, such a correct Social Security number for the person who received your gift, or the correct valuation of property you transferred as a gift, you must file an amended return.


Amended Form 709

Correctly complete a new Form 709 as if you were starting from scratch, incorporating any new information you need to report. At the top of page one of this form, write the words "Amended Return for Gifts Made in 20xx" with the year indicated. Attach a copy of all pages of the original Form 709 you filed. Mail the forms to Internal Revenue Service Center address in Cincinnati, Ohio that is printed in the instructions for Form 709.

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