How Do I Correct a 1099 Submitted to the IRS?

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Many people find themselves having to make corrections to their tax return once it has been filed. The key to making corrections on your submitted 1099 is to correct the tax return as soon as the issue is noticed. There are easy ways to correct a 1099 submitted to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


Correcting a 1099

A 1099 is usually issued to individuals who are self employed and are responsible to pay their own state and federal taxes. The person for whom you do the contracting is responsible for issuing your 1099. The business is also responsible for the accuracy of the 1099.

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You will need to obtain a corrected version of your 1099 and check it for complete accuracy. The 1099 will have no information of federal or state taxes. The only corrected on a 1099 should be the amount made, name of company that work was performed for, addresses and year the income was earned.


If the amount earned is different from the original 1099, then you will to need to complete a tax amendment for that year being corrected. You can download the form from the IRS website, go to your local IRS office and pick up a tax amendment form or have your accountant do the amendment for you. If you are just correcting addresses or name of employer, then you will need to write a letter with your name, address, Social Security number, year of correction and the exact 1099 correction.

You will need to submit this information along with the correct 1099 to the IRS address provided for by your state.


You will want to wait four to six weeks before calling the IRS to make sure that the corrected information was received and processed. Make sure to document all IRS conversations along with the IRS worker's name and ID number.


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