How to Get Free Food Vouchers for the Supermarket

Have you ever heard of people who have coupons for free products? Ever wonder where they get them? You're about to learn!

Step 1

These food vouchers for free food come directly from food manufacturers. You will be contacting them. But first you must prepare. Keep the packaging for every item you eat so that you can refer to it when contacting the manufacturer. With every meal, record what you and your family liked and didn't like about each item: taste, texture, easy of use, packaging, how it made you feel. Was it difficult opening the tube of Pillsbury biscuits? Write that down. Did you have trouble mixing up your baby formula? Write that down. Did you appreciate how easy it was for your twelve year old to make those chocolate chip cookies from a mix? All of these things are feedback that manufacturers appreciate. Think of yourself an evaluator every time you put food in your mouth.


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Step 2

Next, contact the manufacturer. You can do this by phone, postal mail, or email. The contact information may be on the packaging. If you cannot find the information you need on the packaging. Run search for the item and manufacturer as well as the words "Contact Us" on a good search engine like Google. Give them your feedback. If you can include something personal to draw in the reader all the better. At the end ask them if they have any coupons available to send. Always be polite.


Step 3

Keep track of who've you contacted, for what and when using a computer document, a notebook, whatever works for you the best. Write only once every six months for each product that you use. After six months write again.


Once you get your free food vouchers, you can use them right away of course. Or you can maximize them to net you even more free food. Yes, you read that right. More free food. Read my article, "How to Use Free Food Vouchers at the Supermarket" to learn more.



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