How to Cancel a Lost Debit Card

Things You'll Need

  • Bank statement

  • Pin number


Don't wait to report your lost debit card. If you wait too long, you could be liable for any charges made to your account by another person.


Request a new debit card if you plan on keeping the account.

After you have canceled the card over the phone, you should also send a letter to the financial institution that held your debit card. Include your account number and the date and time of your phone call.

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Debit cards allow individuals to withdraw cash from ATM machines. They also allow people to make purchases electronically. If a debit card gets lost, the owner should report it right away. The sooner the lost card is reported, the less liability the owner has if the card is found and used fraudulently. Canceling a card is simple, and takes only a few minutes.

Step 1

Find a bank statement for your card.

Step 2

Call the free 800 number on the bank statement. Follow the prompts and choose the number that allows you to talk to customer service. This is usually zero.

Step 3

Inform the customer service agent that you lost your debit card. Give the agent the account number on your statement. This is not the same as your debit card number, but it will pull up your information so the customer service representative can cancel your card.

Step 4

Give the customer service representative the pin number for your card, or the answer to the security question you set up when you opened your account. This will verify that you are the account holder.

Step 5

Get a confirmation number from the customer service representative after he or she closes out your debit card. Also note the customer service representative's name and ID number. This is just a backup in case there is a problem closing the account.