How to Find a Branch Number on a Check

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The checks in your checkbook contain information not only on who you are and where you bank, but on the bank itself as well. Although you may conduct financial transactions at any of your bank's branches, the branch number for your primary bank branch is the only one that will appear on your checks. Knowing how to locate the number that identifies your primary bank branch will be beneficial to you should you ever need to provide this information at a time when your bank is closed.


Step 1

Locate the check number on one of your checks. The check number will be located in the top right corner of each of your checks.

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Step 2

Look directly beneath the check number. You should see a much smaller number that identifies the bank branch where your checking account was originally opened. This is the branch number.


Step 3

Check to the right of the ABA number and underneath the ABA number. Depending on the bank you use, your branch number could be located in small type in either of these areas.

Step 4

Look directly above the section of the check where you would write the date if you are using starter checks that do not possess check numbers. The branch number will be located on the right side of the check near the top.


Not all checks will list the branch number of the bank where the checking account was originally opened. If you do not see a branch number on your checks, contact your banking institution to request the number.