How to Open a Dollar Tree Store

What is involved in opening a Dollar Tree store?

Dollar Tree stores are located across the United States and sell all of their products for $1 or less. When the economy slumps, stores like these succeed by offering bargain prices, benefiting those who invested in them. Because Dollar Tree, Inc. does not offer Dollar Tree franchise opportunities, more than money will be needed to open a new store. Involvement at the corporate level or real estate holdings to offer will be needed to open a Dollar Tree store.


Step 1

Apply for a corporate job working for Dollar Tree, Inc. through its website. Dollar Tree, Inc. is based in Chesapeake, Va. Jobs that could lead to opening a new Dollar Tree store will be located there.

Step 2

Patience is needed when searching for corporate jobs at Dollar Tree, Inc. They are hard to come by, and you will need the right qualifications to even be considered. You may need to start at a lower position and work your way up through the company before finding yourself in the position to influence the opening of a new Dollar Tree store.


Step 3

Partner with Dollar Tree, Inc. in the opening of a new store by providing real estate that fits the needs that they are looking for. Before you can provide the space for a new Dollar Tree store, you will have to have the money required to purchase that space.

Step 4

Find the best real estate that you can offer a new Dollar Tree store. Most Dollar Tree stores fall within the range of 8,000 to 12,000 gross square feet. Locations with at least 70 feet of store of space in the front, large discount grocery and retail stores nearby, and quality parking, are all things that can help entice Dollar Tree, Inc. to partner with you in opening a Dollar Tree store at your location.


Step 5

Consider finding another dollar store that offers franchising if you are interesting in opening a store that sells discount goods, but are unable to influence Dollar Tree, Inc. specifically. As Dollar Tree, Inc. continues to expand, it is also possible that they will begin to franchise stores, making it easier for you to acquire more control in opening your own store. Until you can obtain a Dollar Tree franchise, this may be a good route to go.

Things You'll Need

  • Resume

  • Property