About Earthbound Trading Co. Stock

About Earthbound Trading Co. Stock

The Earthbound Trading Company was formed when two separate companies, Earthbound Trading and Romancing the Stone, merged together after the death of one's owner. Today, Earthbound Trading Company is a rapidly-spreading chain store with a future that appears very positive--which is precisely why many investors have begun wondering about buying stock in Earthbound Trading.

Expert Insight

There is one very important drawback involved with attempting to buy stock in Earthbound Trading Company--namely, the fact that no such stock exists. As of 2008, Earthbound Trading Company is a privately held company and, as such, is not publicly traded on any stock exchange. The fact that it is growing rapidly and spreading its operations around the continental United States, on the other hand, would indicate that it's possible that the company may decide to go public in the near future. This makes Earthbound Trading a company to keep an eye on in the meantime.


According to its website, the goal of Earthbound Trading Company is to be, "an outstanding retail company that provides extraordinary products with excellent value in an environment that evokes a sense of adventure for our customers." The stores tend to focus on minerals, native art, hand-crafted consumer goods, candles, incense and jewelry. The focus is to offer products from around the globe, not from any one particular region.


According to the Earthbound Trading Company website, "In 1994, Steve Gordon and Nick Tillman decided to create a cooperative arrangement for each to own and operate their own stores; Earthbound Trading and Romancing the Stone, combining their buying power and sharing all of their merchandising and promotional activities. Over the next 10 years, each built their companies with combined systems and logistics. In 2004, Steve passed away after battling leukemia and the two companies were merged into one. Earthbound Companies continues to grow and find success by offering an eclectic mix of gifts, jewelry, accessories and apparel in a variety of real estate venues including outlet centers, regional malls and tourists markets."


Currently the majority of Earthbound Trading Company store locations exist primarily in the southeastern portion of the United States. New stores are constantly being added, though, and stores are beginning to pop up as far north as Pennsylvania and as far west as Colorado. The state with the most store locations, by far, is Texas.


While no stock exists for Earthbound Trading Company, it is still possible to invest in it through franchising. The start-up costs associated with opening an Earthbound Trading Company franchise run, on average, between $125,000 and $150,000. In the world of franchising, this makes Earthbound Trading Company somewhat of a bargain. So, for those interested in investing largely in the company, franchising is potentially an option.