How to Stop Direct Deposit for Social Security Disability

According to the Social Security Administration direct deposit website, people receiving Social Security disability benefits can have payments electronically deposited into their bank accounts by signing up for direct deposit. Signing up for direct deposit eliminates the possibility of benefit checks being lost or stolen and allows for access to payments even when you are away from home. The Social Security Administration encourages the use of direct deposit and allows benefit recipients to sign up by telephone or online. People already signed up for direct deposit can change their banking information or stop using direct deposit by contacting the Social Security Administration by telephone or logging into their online account.


Step 1

Gather the required information to stop direct deposit of your Social Security disability benefits. This information will include your Social Security number or benefit statement received from the Social Security Administration. If you enrolled in the direct deposit program through the Social Security Administration website, a log-in password was issued to you at the time of enrollment. This password will be required to login to the system online.


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Step 2

To stop direct deposit of benefits by telephone, call (800) 772-1213 as of December 2009. Follow the instructions provided by the automated system and enter the required information. Press "0" to speak to someone directly to cancel direct deposit services. Services cannot be changed or canceled using the automated system, and requires speaking to an operator during regular business hours.


Step 3

To stop direct deposit using your computer, open a Web browser and navigate to the Social Security online services website. Read the acknowledgement page and click "I Agree" to proceed. Enter your Social Security number and log-in password, and click "Continue." Follow the onscreen instructions to cancel direct deposit services for your account. After completing your request, log out of your account.



For the deaf or hearing impaired, a toll free number is (800) 325-0778. The same process can be used to begin having your payments delivered through direct deposit.



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