How to To Make a Million Dollars Doing the Least Amount of Work

The plans of the diligent lead surely to plenty, but those of everyone who is hasty, surely to poverty."

Work less, earn more and become a millionaire. Like most of the U.S. population, your probably deeply in debt, living paycheck to paycheck and without any savings. If you're lucky, you might retire at 65 with barely any money. Ponder on that a few minutes; 40 years of hard work and you retire broke.
This article offers important tips to becoming a rich millionaire. Make sure to click on the links within each step. They offer great ways to increase your wealth and make more money.


Step 1

Invest Your Money You work hard for your money so it's important you make your money work hard for you. Millionaires invest their money in things that build wealth. You need to do the same. You will never earn a million dollars if you don't. Buy stocks, bonds and real estate. These are amazing assets you can acquire to become rich with a million dollars. See the link in the Resource section towards the bottom of the page, it shows you how to invest.


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Step 2

Seek Better Paying Jobs Your greatest wealth building tool is your income. Don't get too comfortable where you are, instead, seek a better paying job. Making a million dollars is much easier when there's more money in each paycheck. Getting paid more is a crucial step to making a million dollars. So make the most of your time and earn more.


Step 3

Open A Business Try your hands at opening your own business. If you don't know how...learn! Stop making you boss money and start earning your own. Why earn $10, $20, or $30 bucks an hour when you could be earning $50, $100, or $200 per hour? Starting your own business is the fastest way to making a million dollars.


Step 4

Budget & Cut Costs Millionaires buy stock and other assets. You don't have to be a math wizard or an Ivy League graduate; you just need to learn the basics. Once you learn the basics, open a trading account and start buying stocks and other assets. Real estate, stocks, bonds and franchises are wonderful assets to buy. This is the first step to make a million dollars. See the link in the Resource section towards the bottom of the page, it shows you how to Budget


Step 5

Seek Government Help Millionaires take advantage of the "system" and so should you. Most cities and towns offer assistance to those who ask. Yes, the government does give people FREE money! You just need to look for it. Here is a personal example. I bought a 2 unit investment property in 2009. Like most homes in the area it was contaminated with lead paint. I was obligated to remove the lead in order to maintain the safety of people costs over $30,000 dollars! However, I called city hall and asked for help. They paid the entire costs of the project. Over $30,000 dollars! As a result, the market value of the property increased by about $20,000 bucks. Money saved is money earned. Think like a millionaire and find ways to make the "system" work for you. This trick increases the chances of you retiring young and rich.


The most vital steps to becoming rich is to Budget and Invest Read the links in the resource section. They are extremely helpful and will guide you towards earning a million dollars.




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