How to Become Rich in the USA

Becoming rich in America takes hard work.

The United States is called the "Land of Opportunity" for a reason. Many millionaires in America are self-made, coming from humble beginnings. Being intelligent in your financial choices and selecting the right life path will make you more likely to be rich by the time you retire. While it's rarely possible to get rich without hard work and dedication, there are great rewards. Imagine having no worries about meeting financial obligations and being able to pay for extras like cars, vacations and electronics.


Step 1

Apply for college scholarships and grants. Attending college in America is possible for everyone because there are many financial resources available to help pay for it. College can give you the training necessary to get a job in a well-paying field, as well as connect you to valuable networking resources. Look at various jobs on the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics website ( and see how the salaries compare. Study to enter a career field where you will make the most possible money with the smallest possible investment of time, leaving you free to pursue other things.


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Step 2

Invest. Put a small amount of money aside every week and, once each financial quarter, put that money into high-risk stocks. Though you're likely to lose the money, these stocks return the biggest gains. Research the companies before investing. Find one that is relatively small, but that meets a market need. Watch the price of comparable stocks to decide what are good times to buy and sell.


Step 3

Put money into safe IRA accounts and government bonds. Though they'll return less money than gambling on the stock market, they can keep your money working without a lot of risk.

Step 4

Invest in real estate. Purchasing dilapidated homes in downtrodden areas can pay off if you're willing to put time and effort into restoring them. Look for an area that has suffered an economic downturn, but hasn't gone completely away from respectability. If upscale businesses are building nearby, you know that the area may be revitalized in years to come. Buying a home for a low price and restoring it can give you a great deal of investment capital in only a few years.



Step 5

Find a way to work for yourself. After you have some experience in your career, start your own business. You'll be able to enjoy any profits that don't go to shareholders or back into the business. Though many businesses may end up closing, Dan Futrelle with CNN Money indicates that people who own their own businesses create wealth faster than people who are employed by others.



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