How to Get Rich in Your Teen Years

Everyone has a personal goal. For some it's to move to a certain place or to start a family. For others, it's to become rich as early in life as possible. Getting rich in your teen years is a lot more common than most people think. Using quick, effective methods and strategies, you can create an opportunity to make any amount of money double or even triple in a matter of minutes.


Step 1

To start off with, in order to get rich this early in your life, you have to have a bank account and some type of income flowing into it to finance investments. Become familiar with investment opportunities in the stock market and the nonprofit sector so you can learn to distinguish between good investments and bad ones.


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Step 2

Before you decide what to invest in, do some research on the Internet and identify current trends within the stock market. If you feel confident, go ahead and invest in a popular stock and try to realize a profit.

Step 3

While you invest in the stock market, go ahead and educate yourself by reading books and magazine articles by investment analysts and other bright businessmen and -women. Some of the advice they offer might not lead to an immediate inrush of money, but it can help you in the long run if you plan to keep investing for an extended period of time.


Step 4

Within the nonprofit sector, it is important to invest in worthwhile causes that you not only believe in, but which will benefit you directly. By investing in a particular nonprofit organization, you are automatically a stakeholder in whatever money they receive from federal grants or other public funding sources.



Step 5

Continue working at your regular job as you explore the world of investing. As time goes on and you start gaining more of the business savvy that the best have passed on to you, your profits and savings will eventually increase, putting you on the road to riches by the time you are 18.

Things You'll Need

  • Investment guides

  • Business magazines and books


Do not invest in the stock market or anything else if you are living paycheck to paycheck. You must have a comfortable amount of savings before you make any big moves like investing.



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