How to Invest Money You Win From The Lottery

Invest Money You Win From The Lottery

There's thousands of people that win the lottery. You see people win the lottery for hundreds of millions, then 3 years down the road lose it all. If you want to keep your lotto earnings, then here's how you can do just that.


Step 1

Just say you won the lotto for $30 million. The first place I would invest my first million is in a index fund. Warren buffet said if had to start over with $1 million dollars, then he would put his first million in a index fund. If you want to learn more about index funds, then there's a book called the little book of common sense investing by John Bogle. If you want to learn how to profit from the stock market and invest for long term, then this is the book you need to have in your personal library.


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Step 2

The next place I would invest my next million is in a McDonald's franchise. I would go to hamburger university first to learn how to run a McDonald's franchise. I recommend you educate yourself before you learn how to run any type of business. Once you learn how to run a McDonald's franchise, then call a business broker to see if he has a McDonald's franchise for sale.


Step 3

My 3rd million would go into a money market fund or a short term bond fund so I can gain a little interest on my money. These are some of the safest investments. If you have $1 million in the bank. You would probably make 1 thousand a day off interest alone. so if you put your money in these type of savings investments you can gain even more interest.


Step 4

My 4th million would be invested in precious metals like gold, sliver and platinum. I would invest in the actual bullion coins. I would put $500,000 thousand in gold and $500,000 in sliver. You can protect your saving against inflation with precious metals.


Step 5

With my 5th million I would by small apartment building. The reason why I recommend small apartment buildings is because you can make a great amount of residual income. You can have your money working for you not the other way around.


Step 6

$1 million invested in index fund $1 million to purchase McDonald's franchise $1 million in money market fund $1 million in precious metals $1 million in small apartments Money left over $25 million


Get educated first.




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