How to Make a Copy of Personal Checks

It is important to have a record of all of your financial information. This can include every check you write throughout a given year. Keeping records of your checks may help you out when filing your taxes. Although most check books have translucent paper behind every check that records everything that is written on the check above it, having an actual copy of the personal check may prove to be extremely helpful.


Step 1

Place the check flat on a copying machine and press the "Copy" button. Wait for the image to print out and collect it.

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Step 2

Set the check down on a scanning bed if you do not have access to a copying machine. Make sure the scanner is properly connected to the computer via the USB cable.


Step 3

Power on the scanner. On a Windows computer, click "Start," followed by "All Programs," "Accessories" and finally "Camera and Scanner". This launches the scanning application.

Step 4

Click "Preview" and an image of the check is displayed on the screen. Click "Scan" and the check is scanned onto the computer. A new window appears, asking where you want to save the document and what the title should be.


Step 5

Name the document and save it. This gives you a digital copy of your personal check. If you want a hard copy, keep the window open containing the digital image, and click "File," followed by "Print."


If you are running a business, it is helpful to copy the rear side of the check in addition to the front of the check.

Things You'll Need

  • Personal check

  • Copying machine

  • Computer

  • Scanner