How to Find My IRA Account Number

Opening an IRA account can be a confusing and unfamiliar process to some investors, and it is easy to overlook relatively simple things that are important for the future. One of the most essential items in opening a new account is getting the account number. If you have forgotten your IRA account number, or were never informed of it when you opened your account, here are some simple steps to obtain that vital information.



Step 1

Examine your account opening paperwork. Without fail, your account number must appear on these documents, as they are the official documents certifying the existence of your account.


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Step 2

View your monthly brokerage statement. Generally, your account number will be prominently displayed on the first page, although sometimes part of the number will be redacted for the sake of privacy and account security.

Step 3

Call your investment adviser, or the toll-free number of your online brokerage. Firms must maintain account numbers by law, and you have the right to obtain your account number from them once you certify you are the rightful account owner.



Whether you work with a full-service broker or choose to do things yourself, it is important to maintain your own thorough records of all accounts and investment actions.

Things You'll Need

  • Account opening paperwork

  • Brokerage statement

  • Broker phone number



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