How to Mail IRS Payments

One popular way to pay your federal taxes is by mailing in your documents. Payments that you make to the IRS can be estimated tax payments if you are self-employed, payments you make when you file for a tax extension, or payments you make with your annual tax return. When you send in payments, accompany it with a check made out to "United States Treasury," and include all appropriate forms. For sending in quarterly payments, use the vouchers found at the end of Form 1040-ES. For annual tax returns, use the appropriate tax form, such as a 1040EZ, 1040A or 1040.

Step 1

Determine whether you are mailing your payment as an estimated installment payment or your are mailing your payment with your annual tax return. Different forms accompany these payments.

Step 2

Consult the IRS website or your 1040-ES form to find the appropriate address. Different U.S. regions have different mailing addresses. For example, most western states residents send estimated payments to the processing center in San Francisco, CA; while residents in southeastern states send estimated payments to the processing center in Atlanta, GA.

Step 3

Mail the check and the appropriate documentation to the appropriate mailing address. You can also do this online at the website.


It is highly advisable to send your payment via certified mail, as to have proof that you mailed the payment and that the IRS received it. If the IRS misplaces your payment, you can use your certified mail statement as proof of payment and mailing.


Do not send a check without the proper form to explain why you are sending the payment.