Where Can I Take Classes to Become a Credit Repair Specialist?

The Federal Trade Commission is the governing body that oversees employment and trade practices within the credit industry. It regulates credit repair specialists indirectly by ensuring that businesses are not marketing themselves falsely or in a misleading way. The FTC provides no definition or means to become a credit repair specialist, but a person seeking to become one must have the experience and educational background to honestly market himself as such.


Private Training

Know that technically, there is no actual accreditation or educational classwork that qualifies or certifies a person as a "specialist." Nonetheless, organizations including Simple Credit Consulting provide training coursework to assist an individual in becoming a trained credit consultant. You can also take classes with Consumer Credit Counseling Services. This provides training in improving credit reports, managing debt and other specific credit issues. It also assists with your marketing abilities and developing a consumer base. Or consider coursework with Lexington Law.


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Educational Background

Get the necessary educational background that focuses on finance and accounting. To truthfully establish or market yourself as a credit repair specialist, you need a college degree in accounting, finance or business and economics. It's even more beneficial if you get a master's degree in such finance-related fields. A master's degree also allows you to refine your interests, allowing you to focus your education on bankruptcy and other aspects of credit repair.

Experience and Affiliations

Gain experience in credit counseling services. Begin working at a reputable credit care institution. A reputable credit care institution is Credit Counselors, which is a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. You'll learn a great deal in this environment, and your affiliation with a legitimate and reputable organization increases your qualifications. Additionally, large credit care organizations have ongoing coursework from which you can take classes to learn more about the credit repair industry. With extensive experience and the appropriate training, you can advertise yourself as a credit repair specialist without violating the legal parameters the FTC established for the credit industry.


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