How to Find Printable Coupons for Golden Corral Restaurant Buffet

Golden Corral is a family buffet style restaurant chain offering a variety of meal items and is famous for their great all you can eat buffet. Golden Corral started in Raleigh NC in 1973 and currently has locations in over 40 or more states in the U.S. It can be very difficult to find printable golden corral restaurant coupons online but it is possible. Follow these steps to find the best printable coupons for the Golden Corral buffet.

Step 1

First go to the Golden Coral restaurant web site and enroll by filling out their card and you can receive printable coupons for a buy one/get one free buffet.

Step 2

Second go to other sites that partner with restaurants, such as the Bright House Network, and order the Golden Corral movie of the month and receive a printable coupon for a free lunch buffet.

Step 3

Third register at coupon sites that offer printable Golden Coral Restaurant coupons like Clip and Go or Gift Conga to receive coupons or gift card offers.

Step 4

Fourth check on the Golden Corral restaurant site and look for in house deals in the form of coupons for military day, buy one get one free buffet, etc.

Step 5

Fifth, go to auction sites like eBay and bid on Golden Corral Coupons for a better selection relevant to your needs. In many instances, you can bid just a few dollars for many coupons and have them mailed to you free.

Step 6

Lastly go to online coupon book sites like Val Pak and search for books containing printable restaurant coupons you like including Golden Corral.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer

  • Internet Access

  • Paper

  • Printer

  • Email Address