Government Grants for Senior Citizens

A group of citizens enjoying their retirement years.

Senior citizens who qualify can be eligible to receive grants from the government to help them with various aspects of life. Health expenses, proper nutrition, housing and employment are a few of the areas where seniors can benefit with the use of grants. Each grant that the government offers can assist elderly people with life activities that are crucial to their health and well-being.

Assisted Living

With age, the body undergoes changes that sometimes won't allow people to function like they did in the past. Senior citizens can develop mobility problems that hinder them. Seniors with a mobility issues might be able to live alone, but they would need certain accommodations to make the process as easy as possible. Owners of private nonprofit developments for the elderly may qualify to convert some or all of their units into Assisted Living Facilities (ALF). The units can be converted to help seniors with activities of daily living. These activities include but are not limited to bathing, eating and housekeeping. The types of conversions that can help frail seniors are specially made shower stalls, kitchens that are designed to work around mobility issues and a more-efficient unit design that allows elderly people to clean up their homes more effectively. Owners of senior complexes can apply for this grant by contacting a HUD agency in their area.


Elderly people need quality medical insurance to deal with health-related issues that they may incur in the latter stages of life. Medicare Hospital Insurance helps meet the need of medical coverage for elderly people. Seniors who are 65 and older are eligible to receive this benefit from the government. To apply for the benefit of this grant, go to your local Department of Health and Human Services .


Having the right kind of food to eat is important for older people. With age, the body needs proper nutrition to make sure certain body functions can be carried out efficiently. The government offers the Nutrition Services Incentive Program, a grant-based program that states use to provide nutritious home-delivered meals to elderly people. State agencies that work with the elderly can receive funding from the Administration on Aging.

Supportive Services

Low-income senior citizens in public housing may need supportive services to perform major life activities. There is a grant from the government that could help people in this situation to not only receive support assistance but also economic assistance as well. The Resident Opportunity and Supportive Services is a program that has been created to assist low-income elderly people with these types of services through the welfare to work program. Senior citizens can apply for this program through their local public assistance office.

Grandparents Programs

There are some agencies within our communities that allow low-income senior citizens to become foster grandparents for children and youths who may need the support. The government helps support this program through the use of grant funding. The Corporation for National and Community Service is the primary sponsor of this program. Elderly people can contact the local Department of Health and Human Services to enroll.

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