How to Get a Free Home Appraisal

How to Get a Free Home Appraisal
Get a Free Home Appraisal

Write down your homes information. This is the data appraisers use to figure home values. Each figure is used to calculate your home value estimate in a large equation. Here are some of the figures you will need.

Lot size / Acerage Apx. sq. Footage Type of home (townhouse, single family home, condo) Bedrooms Bathrooms Parking Basement General overall condition

Visit This site offers a free online home appraisal function that will let you know your estimated home price. However, this site will give you a very rough property estimate and is usually not excepted by financial institutions and potential buyers. This site is strictly for ballpark property appraisals to give you a general idea of what your home is worth.

Visit a real estate appraisal school or class and ask them if they would like to use your house for practice appraisals. This will involve opening your house up to a bunch of students for a day or two but can be a great way to get a free property appraisal.