How to Start Your Own State Farm Office

Contact a State Farm recruiter and tell her you are interested in becoming an agent. She will give you a questionnaire that will help assess whether you are a good candidate. You can locate a recruiter by using the link in the Resources section below.

Attend a one-day seminar called "Career Understanding." The date and location of this seminar is provided to you by the recruiter. The seminar explains what the typical duties are for someone opening his own office.

Develop a business proposal and present it before an executive approval committee. The proposal must include initial sources of funding (for office equipment, salaries, rent, etc.), as well as staffing, property locations, marketing initiatives and any other topics regarding running your office. The more detailed the proposal, the better your chances of being accepted as a candidate.

Find an agency job opening that you like. Agency openings are posted regularly by State Farm.

Work in a paid internship program for six to nine months. During this time, you will learn the specifics of day-to-day activities, as well as obtain any necessary licenses.

Find an available office location and open your own office. You are now licensed and approved to be an independent agent for State Farm.

Acquire staff, office equipment and business signage.