How to Check Your Stock

Checking stock quotes will provide you with a detailed analysis of the performance of the stock you have purchased. Understanding what price at which you initially purchased the stock, as well as the current price of the stock, will give you an exact profit or decline for your investment.


How to Check Your Stock

Step 1

Locate the initial order you placed for your stock. It will show a breakdown of the price you paid per share.

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Step 2

Look up the ticker symbol for your stock. It may be printed on your initial order, however you can also look it up at any financial services website, or simply google the company name.


Step 3

Look up the current stock price by visiting one of the sites in the resource section, or by looking in a current newspaper. Locate the ticker symbol in the column, and scan over to the current stock price.


Step 4

Once you have located the current stock price, subtract the current price from the price you paid. This number is your total amount of profit or loss per share.


Step 5

If you use a financial broker who handles all of your stock purchases, you can contact them directly to have an updated financial statement sent to you immediately—either through postal mail, express delivery or by email.


Check your stocks regularly to be sure that you are aware of regular losses and gains. Understanding various changes within the company, as well as company financial reports, will help you better make decisions about buying and selling stocks.

Things You'll Need

  • Initial order showing price at which you purchased the stock

  • Online access

  • Newspaper access



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