How to Find Out How Much Your Shares Are Worth

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If you have an investment account that you have been putting money away in, you may be wondering how much your investment has grown. No matter what stock you have invested in, you can find out the current worth of your stock investment in a matter of minutes. The value, or worth, of your stock investment can be found on your stock statement, whether the statement has been mailed to you or is posted online.


Step 1

Log into your online stock account if you manage your stock account online. Not only will you have an online account if you trade your stocks with an online broker, many traditional stock companies provide online access to clients.

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Step 2

Click on the "My Portfolio" tab or link of your online account. The total value of all of your individual stock investments should be listed on the page.


Step 3

Select an individual stock and click on it to be taken to the individual stock record . The details of the selected stock are displayed and you can see the worth of that individual stock, broken out by share.


Step 4

Locate a recent paper statement for your investment account if you do not manage your account online. Traditional stock companies generally mail out stock statements monthly.


Step 5

Find the contact details of your stockbroker on the paper statement. Call the broker directly to get an up-to-date worth for your stock shares.


When calling a stock company for information on your stocks, be prepared to verify your identity by providing information such as your social security number and date of birth.



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