How to Check AT&T Cell Phone Bill Online

Keeping track of calls, texts, data usage and charges on your AT&T account within a billing period can help you keep cell phone costs to a minimum by avoiding overage fees. AT&T lets you check the specifics of your account on its website. Along with usage information, you can check your bill due date and pay it right on the AT&T website.

View Your Bill

AT&T makes it simple for you to check your usage and be aware of your fees. Login to your account on the AT&T website with your username and password. Alternatively, create an account if you are not already a registered user. Follow the prompts after clicking the "Register" link and enter your information. Once on your account page, you will see an overview of your charges and usage. Select the "usage" link and you will be shown an overview of your data, text and talk information. Go to "view usage details" and you will see details regarding your talk and text history, including incoming and outgoing telephone and text numbers and the duration of each call.


The same process can be used to view your AT&T home phone bill.

AT&T does charge a small fee to receive details of your usage in the mail. However, viewing this information online is free with an AT&T account.