How to Bid at Police Auctions

Bid at Police Auctions

In case you were wondering what you can buy at police auctions, you can purchase just about anything you can imagine. The property is seized when someone commit's a crime which could include most of their possessions. In the following steps below, I will show you how to go about buying things at police auctions.


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Step 1

What items are available for sale - You can expect to find various items at police auctions. This could be clothing, jewelry, electronics, art work, cameras, computers, tools, watches, furniture and many other items. You can also purchase vehicles at police auctions, as well as boats and even airplanes. The seized vehicles that are used in committing crimes are placed for sale where minimum bids and reserved prices are extremely rare. This means that you would be able to get these items even if your bids are low and nobody else is bidding against you.


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Step 2

Find police auctions - In order to bid at police auctions, you need to find them first. Police departments will often times hold an auction to sell off the evidence that they no longer need for their cases. There are also items available at large government auction sites. There are police auctions available online for items that were seized and not claimed by their owners. It isn't that hard to obtain information about the locations of police auctions because most of the information is available online.



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Step 3

Inspect the items - Before you bid on anything, carefully inspect all of the items first. You would also like to get a better idea of what the items you will be bidding on could be worth. In case you are bidding on an online auction, you will need to rely on the picture and the description of the item. You need to do all of your research in advance, as all of the sales at the police auction are final once they accepted you bid. By doing your research in advance you will ensure that you are buying real bargains and not overpaying for the items that you are bidding on.


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