How to Find the Value of Precious Moments Figurines

Collecting Precious Moments figurines is a fun and rewarding hobby for many. Some people have been acquiring and cherishing figurines since childhood. A few of the very popular figurines include Angels, Disney, Mother's Day and Limited Editions. Regardless of how popular they are, though, you will have to research a value for them if you want to insure them or sell them.


Step 1

Determine if the figurines are old, antique, vintage or from a Limited Edition Collection. Are these hand crafted or mass produced? Note the condition of the figurines; excellent like new, good or broken.

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Step 2

Look under the figurines to find the label or a serial number. This index contains information on the maker and the region of the figurines. This information is needed to locate an exact figurine to compare.

Step 3

To find the value of Precious Moments figurines look at a collector's book or catalog. These books have information on how to read the figurines labels and marks, and they'll help you assess the value of each item on the collection.


Step 4

Use an appraiser service to value the figurines. There are online precious moments figurines appraisers that charge a small fee per figurine valued. To use this service, you'll need the label number under the figurines and enter it on a database. You can also find an antique or collectibles store to appraise the figurines.

Step 5

Check out the Precious Moments figurines market place. Look on eBay to find what others are paying for collectible figurines. Find retailers to see what they are charging for figurines like yours, and compare the items to your collection.