How to Earn More Swagbucks to Redeem More Prizes

Swagbucks is a website that pays users for using its search engine feature. Users are rewarded with points, or Swagbucks, which can be redeemed for merchandise or gift cards. Following some simple steps for using the site can help you earn more points.

Step 1

Make sure your kids use Swabucks when doing homework instead of having them use other search engines. Put the site's shortcut on your desktop and on bookmarks. Retrain them to search with Swagbucks when they are doing homework or reports. Swagbucks can used on multiple computers. You can even offer them a gift card from the site when you get enough points; this method works well for teenagers.

Step 2

If you are married or have another significant other in the home that uses your computer -- or any other computer -- explain how Swagbucks works and train them to use the site instead of others. Once gift cards from the site start arriving in the mail, they will understand the importance of using it over other search engines. To increase use, use the same technique as described for your kids and offer up gift cards once they start rolling in.

Step 3

Remember to use it yourself. Whether you are searching for grocery coupons, a recipe, blog material, celebrity gossip, shopping codes or a news story, use Swagbucks. Make it part of your daily routine.

Step 4

Get others to sign up and use Swagbucks, and you can become a site promoter. When others sign up under your referral code, you earn extra points. Promote Swagbucks on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, and through your email list. The more people who sign up under your name, the more points you earn.

Step 5

Sign up for the Swagbucks newsletter. This is a monthly newsletter with information on special offers and may contain bonus codes.

Step 6

Read the Swagbucks blog. You'll find helpful tips about how to get more points, how to promote your links and more information on prizes.