How to Get Cash Today

Sometimes we all need to get cash fast. There are countless ways that you can make cash today. All you need to do to get cash today is follow a few easy steps and you'll be on your way to getting some fast cash.


Step 1

Examine all of your old stuff and see if there is anything you can bear to sell in exchange for getting some cash.

Step 2

List lucrative items on ebay in exchange for cash. You can also put large items that you don't want to ship up on Craigslist, where you're more likely to get lots of cash for them without the expense of shipping.

Step 3

Hold a garage sale or a yard sale to make some quick cash. Sell your old stuff for cash.


Step 4

Take valuables to a pawn shop and pawn them for some cash. Pawning your stuff is never fun, but when you need cash today pawn shops will come through with your cash.

Step 5

Apply for a cash advance or a payday loan. Make sure that you can pay back your cash advance or payday loan. These are generally options to use as a last resort, not a first choice.