How to Send Cash to a Friend


If you need to send someone cash quick, I did this and it worked great. Now I joke all the time with my Fedex guy "is that my bundle of cash today?"


Step 1

This is information that someone passed on to me and it worked for me, so I thought I would pass it on to the masses. The first thing you need to do is go to your local fed ex shipper and pick up an envelope or a small box depending on how much you plan on sending.

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Step 2

Now I was told to take the cash you are sending and wrap it in aluminum foil. I wrapped the cash I sent in several layers of foil as I did not want a fedex person to know what was inside for fear it might get "lost" in shipping.



Step 3

After you wrap it in the foil insert it in the envelope or package. I added some paper towels to make sure the package did not feel like a bundle of cash. Then I brought it to a fedex station and sent it next day.


Do not wrap and put the cash in the envelope in front of the FedEx representative as it may mysteriously get lost in shipping.

Things You'll Need

  • Cash

  • Fed Ex Envelope or Small box

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